Hey! You can call me Molly!

My birth name is Sorcha, but my mum always called me Molly and she is my biggest supporter and inspiration. So, when Broken Crayons Still Colour was founded during lockdown, I thought no better time to launch my business and a nice way to separate my personal and business life. I have always had a passion for helping others and been a creative soul at heart. 

After a few evenings in lockdown lodge with mum and dad I came up with an idea to start a small business using broken crayons. 

Why crayons?

Undeniably crayons smell like childhood. I always look at my little niece, she is five and sees the world through curious eyes and finds inspiration in every day. Working with crayons, reminds me of a time when I lived in the moment, no worries, no regrets, and played for fun with no judgement.   

and the wellbeing? 

Awkwardly, as I grew older, I began to practice negative self-talk, I give in to my inner critic and I struggled with my self-worth and confidence which affected my relationships and wellbeing for many years, and still does in some ways.

Rediscovering my inner child by experimenting with crayon art, I found I could say things with colour that I couldn’t say any other way. Embracing my inner child I learnt the importance of letting go. To stop focussing on the outcome and enjoy the process. 

Since I started this journey, I have been lucky to connect with other like-minded individuals who share my enthusiasm for self-care, affirmations, mindset, and wellbeing. Combining crayons and wellbeing I wanted to create a brand that embodied empowerment, connection and learning new skills – so came alive Broken Crayons Still Colour and Say it with Colour workshops. 

'Our attitudes are the crayons that colour our world'

x Molly x