You Glow Girl Collaboration

Broken But Beautiful Collection
You Glow Girl x Broken Crayons Still Colour

I am delighted to be teaming up with You Glow Girl to share what we have created behind the ‘seams’.

Two passionate home-grown brands committed to empowering women and advocating for good mental wellbeing. Together, encouraging individuals to own and embrace their brokenness, for what breaks us makes us stronger and standing strong makes us beautiful.

Including four unique designs: 

I am Brokenly Beautiful, I am ok Lavender Sweatshirt

Designed around the belief that just like a butterfly sometimes we have to go through darkness to become something beautiful and actually if we look around us there are a lot of individuals who make broken look beautiful, walking with the universe on their backs and making it look like a pair of wings.

Broken but Beautiful White T-Shirt

Designed around the belief that we can all feel broken at times but that shouldn't stop us from being our own unique beautiful self.  

A reminder that we should never feel shame or guilt for what breaks us, because there is help out there and with the right support, broken pieces can come together to become their own kind of beautiful.

Our attitudes are crayons that colour the world Grey T-Shirt

Designed around the belief that our attitudes are like a box of crayons that colour our world. Constantly colour your picture black, and your picture will be dark, try adding colour and soon your picture will start to brighten.

Broken Crayons Still Colour Hoodie 

A reminder that by being able to see through the perceived ‘perfections’ of one (a new crayon) and past the ‘imperfections’ of another (a broken crayon) allows us to see the true value.

Available in black or navy

Available to purchase via the You Glow Girl website